New Builds

Moving into a new home is a fantastic experience, but if it has been built specifically for you then this is even better. Our team have a range of skills perfect for the job, and we have plenty of experience of working on new build properties. We can help you to formulate a design that will be absolutely ideal for your new home, and then bring it to life using all of our skills and expertise. If you would like a home that is yours and yours alone, simply get in touch with us to get the ball rolling and have a chat about your requirements.


Having an extension added to your home can be exciting and there is no doubt that it can add a lot to your building, however you also need to ensure that you have the correct roof in place, as this will help to protect your roof from the elements. This can prevent damage in the future, and our team are on hand to provide you with the best roofing services for your needs. Our experience helps us decide the best option for you, and this means you can be sure that your roof is in the best possible hands, so contact us today.


If you have a property, then you may want to think about renovating it to bring it up to modern standards. If you are interested in this, then although you may be able to carry out some of the work yourself, you may prefer to sign the project management over to another company, and we can help you with this. Our team can work with you through every stage to make sure that the work is done as well as possible, and with our skills you are sure to love the results. To get more information about our renovations service, contact one of our team today.

Loft Conversions

Our homes are probably the biggest investment that we will ever make, and with this being the case it is vital that we increase the value of them whenever we can. If you are interested in doing this, then you might like to think about a loft conversion. Our team can completely transform your roof space to create either an entire new floor on your property, or even storage space if this would be preferable. We have all of the skills needed to bring your visions to life, so if you need more advice about what we could do for you, simply get in touch.


We are on hand to help assist you with regards to building and repairing walls, refurbishing brickwork and masonry on any restoration projects. As well as this, we help build chimney stacks, assist with decorative stonework and also tunnel linings. We are happy to help and can assist you with any projects you may need a second opinion on. If you would like to find out more, contact us today and we would be happy to help.


There are many small things that you might wish you could change about your home in order to make it fit for purpose, and if this is something that you have been considering recently then our alterations service is sure to be ideal for you. We have a wide range of skills to suit a variety of projects, and can help to advise you about the best alterations for your needs. For a fully personal service right from beginning to end, get in touch with our team today and see exactly what we can bring to you and your home.

General Building Work

The ability to make changes to your home to suit your tastes is wonderful, and with our team on hand you can be sure that you are able to do this. We can undertake any kind of building work that you might need, and we can also play a key role in the design stages too, as we have plenty of knowledge about what would work for various different properties. No matter what kind of building work you’re hoping to undertake at your home, we are certain to be able to help, so get in touch with us to find out more.


Smooth plastering work can make a massive difference to your home, and because of this you will always want to ensure that this is exactly what you get. Any painting work that you need to do on top of the plaster will always sit much better with a quality job – and this is why you should think about the service that our team have to offer. We can work with you to get the best possible plaster in place, meaning that it will look stunning when complete. We have all of the skills needed to do a great job for you, so get in touch with us today.


Your family home should be just right for the people in it, and if you feel that you need a little more space then often the ideal solution would be a loft conversion. Whether you have teenagers who need a little more space, or you want to have a room where you can work quietly, our team can give you exactly what you need. We can help you with every part of the process from designing your conversion to building it to the highest possible standards, so if you would like us to help you create the space that you need, just get in touch with us today.


Refurbishment, by its very definition, is the process of improvement - whether cleaning, decorating or re-equipping, we can provide interior and exterior modernisations and ensure your room or home is refurbished exactly to your specifications. Let us come and visit your property and we can give you the correct advice and guidance to guarantee you get the refurb you are looking for.

Joinery & Carpentry

If you are building something at your home currently, you will need to ensure that every aspect of the work is covered. We are able to deal with all of your carpentry needs, meaning that you will have a solid base on which to fit the rest of your project around. We have a range of skills, including renovations, conversions and windows, meaning that no matter what you need, we can help you. If you would like more information about a project that you have in mind, just get in touch with us today and we would be happy to speak to you.

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